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Flood Repair Works - Ross on Wye

Following heavy rains and blocked waterways a residential property suffered severe flood damage both internally and externally. Erosion to the river bank which supported the raised patio, and in turn the property itself, was where the main area of repair works took place. CRS had to manage various ecological and environmental surveying etc. prior to local bodies authorising the works.

Enabling works included installation of temporary dam along river bank and dewatering of the work area with silt mitigation measures in place. The river bank was then excavated and graded back to allow placement of a retaining gabion wall. The baskets were filled with stone, hand placed at front face, to form the new rivers edge and ground retaining structure. After completion of the gabion structure and backfilling a reinforced concrete slab was poured to sure up the house foundations and act as a footing for stone walling. Construction of the stone wall around the perimeter of the slab to match pre-flooding layout. Remaining ground was raised and then patio laid using a mixture of salvaged and new pavers.

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